Detailed information/guidance for schools has been communicated to them by the BHPA.


Annual Reserve Repack took place on Sunday  23 February 2020, 2.00 - 5.30 pm

 The "NEW HALL", ANTRIM FORUM, Lough Road, Antrim. BT41 4DQ

Why do we do this?

1.Familiarise ourselves with the position of the reserve handle
I recommend on every flight, that you take 2 seconds to locate and grab the reserve handle, this will create muscle memory, and in the event of having to throw, it will make things much easier

2.Prevent velcro lock
Velcro can in some cases bond together, if it hasn't been separated for a long period of time

3.To check, when handle is pulled, that pins/plastic tabs disengage and the reserve and inner bag is hanging from the handle
If pins/plastic tabs don't release, then reserve will not deploy. On some occasions pulling the handle, the inner bag will come away from the reserve, this results in either reserve left in reserve compartment (bad) or the reserve been deployed (not as bad).The reason you want to have reserve and inner bag hanging from handle, is so you can throw the reserve away from the paraglider, to prevent any entanglement

If your glider is spinning around you, aim to throw behind the trailing edge of the glider, it is the action of throwing which deploys the reserve, remember to let go of the reserve handle! you can assist the opening of the reserve by tugging on the bridle. (You will have the opportunity to practice throwing your reserve parachute, hanging from a long rope attached near the roof of the centre).

5.Once your reserve is open, disable your glider to prevent entanglement with the reserve

By repacking your reserve, you will become more familiar with it, you understand how it works. Hopefully you will have more confidence in it. You may come across unknown problems, Why is it stained? did my harness get a soaking at anytime, should i have checked the reserve, let it dry out and repack it again.
When you pull the handle, does the reserve release smoothly? or do you have to really pull to get it to release, maybe its worth checking what is preventing the smooth release.

This event is a chance to practice deploying your reserve, as above. If you're not happy, repack and deploy again, talk to others who may have more experience in this field.

Handy things to have for a repack:
Reserve parachute handbook
Harness handbook
two lengths of thin cord (12 ins of old paraglider suspension line or similar is ideal for each)
adjustable wrench
elastic bands

Your normal flying gloves and helmet for practice deployment.

There was lots of help on hand from pilots with experience in packing round, pulled-down apex chutes - but if your reserve is unusual, e.g. square, or steerable rogallo, you should not rely on others to know its intricacies. The repack event was well-attended affair (22pilots last year) so perhaps get there earlier rather than later - the process takes longer than one might imagine if there is a queue.


The 2019 Annual General Meeting of the UHPC was held in the Dunsilly Hotel 20 Dunsilly Rd, Antrim BT41 2JH on Mon 4th Nov 2019  at 7-9pm. It was good to see some new faces at the meeting but turnout could have been better. It is important that members have a say in the running of the club. It is probably a tribute to the outgoing committee that more members did not turn up, presumably satisfied with the way the club interests had been represented over the last year. The new Committee details are now on the club website.


Please use the new stile to cross the fence above the hairpin bend on the road to the mast.

Ulster Open Competition 2019

This year we are hoping for better luck with the weather and the 2019 Ulster Open will now take place when it looks like the weather will be suitable. The base will most likely be again at the Kilcronaghan Centre Tobermore. 

The format of the competition will follow most years and be set each day by the meet Director and Comp Committee. Those who have attended previous events will know that the focus of the Competition is a fun weekend where everyone can fly and hopefully get something out of the weekend. This means that we encourage qualified low airtime pilots to join us and not be put off by the fact that it is a competition and simply join in the fun. The fee structure is intended to try and encourage people to stay for the whole weekend, fees therefore are as follows;

1) Weekend Two Day event - £35 or Euro 40. This includes accommodation, registration, evening meal (with some beer and wine), breakfast.

2) Weekend Two Day event - £25 or Euro 30.  This includes, registration, evening meal (with some beer and wine), breakfast and (retrieves wherever possible but we cannot guarantee a dedicated retrieve driver)

3) Single day entry - £10 or Euro 15. This includes, registration.

Retrieves will be made wherever possible but we cannot guarantee a dedicated retrieve driver (at the moment), we will however endeavor to have arrangements in place to ensure that all pilots are accounted for and eventually collected. Forecasts aside I would encourage as many as possible to stay at the Kilcronaghan Centre as possible as the staff have been fantastic in accommodating three cancellations in 2018 and we would wish to maintain our long term relationship.

Accommodation - Separate arrangements can be made for accommodation for £20 or Euro 25 per person per night if required. Camper vans are accepted in the car park but where possible we would like you to use the Kilcronaghan Centre. 

As always this event is a weather dependent event. If possible we will try to go ahead with the event on the arranged dates provided that it is safe to do so. Registration time will be 9am - 10am on Saturday 5th at the Centre for registration (Unless alternative arrangements are in place), however please keep an eye on the emails from the Thursday before as the Committee will be watching the weather closely and have the right to call the event at any time and place over the weekend if conditions appear suitable.